Knuckle Director do Carro Europeu

The function of the steering knuckle is to bear the front load of the car, support and drive the front wheel to rotate around the king pin to turn the car. In the driving state of the car, it is subjected to variable impact loads, therefore, it is required to have high strength. After the front wheel has a camber, it is like a cone when moving, making the front Eixo Da suspensão Da Roda roll outward. Because of the imperatives of the controlling tie bar and the hub, it is outlandish for the front wheels to roll away, and the front wheels will roll and slip on the ground, in this way expanding tire wear. As most European car require steering knuckle front driver left side, to dispose of this bothersome result brought about by the camber of the front wheels, when introducing the front wheels, the middle planes of the two front wheels of the vehicle are not equal. 

A separação entre as bordas dianteiras Das duas rodas é Mais Pequena do que a separação entre as bordas traseiras, e a distinção entre elas transforma-se no Dedo Da Frente Da roda.Nesta linha, as rodas dianteiras podem ESTAR perto Da Frente de cadA forma EM movimento, o que diminui extraordinariamente e elimina OS resultados antagônicos trazidos pelo camber Das rodas dianteiras.Nossos produtos principais, incluindo Chevy Volante knuckle, AUDI Volante knuckle avançar auto peças.